The London Modern Quilt Guild was formed in January 2012. We have an active membership who are passionate about promoting modern quilting. Even if you can’t attend meetings there are various ways to get to know our members or find out more.

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Find out more about modern quilting or send us a message:


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  1. Vidya Vartak Joshi avatar

    Hi ! I was going to be in the UK in October and was wondering if you could help with information on any quilt shops, quilting guilds or quilters in the Pembrokeshire region ? I belong to the India MQG and Desi Quilters in India.
    Thanks !

    1. colettemoscrop avatar

      Hi Vee – sorry for the late reply, I’ve only just seen your comment! I don’t know the Pembrokeshire area at all so I can’t offer any recommendations. I just Googled ‘quilting in Pembrokeshire’ and it came back with plenty of links, maybe some of those could help you out? Sorry I wasn’t much help!

  2. […] involved or make a donation, please get in touch with the Facebook group. You can also contact the London Modern Quilt Guild for more information if you’d like to help sew the blocks together at an upcoming sew day at […]

  3. Jill Dawson avatar
    Jill Dawson

    Hello, I’m a member of the modern quilt sub group of the quilters’ guild. I live in east London and would be very interested in joining your group. Please would you let me have some information. Many thanks. Jill

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