Meeting dates for 2018

Please note our meeting dates for the new year.

Upcoming Guild Meetings for 2018:

  • Sunday, 7th January @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 4th February @ 12pm (downstairs)
  • Sunday, 4th March @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 8th April @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 13th May @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 3rd June @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 1st July @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 2nd September @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 7th October @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 4th November @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 2nd December @12pm





4 responses to “Meeting dates for 2018”

  1. alicefindlay avatar

    ‘ downstairs’ ? mixing with the general public? are they ready for this?

    1. shevvylondon avatar

      I know, but upstairs was booked!!

  2. Frances Silverman avatar
    Frances Silverman

    Shevvy, As the January meeting is so close to Twelfth Night, I’ll bring a couple of French 12th night cakes with me to share with the group. Happy new year, Frances

    Frances Silverman SRA no 55231 Sent from my iPhone


    1. shevvylondon avatar

      Ah thats lovely. See you then x

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