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B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Imagine Quilts is a bright and colourful book that I dived straight into and read from cover to cover, despite wanting get up and sew as soon as I saw the very first pattern. I’m totally in love with Elephant Parade, the first quilt in the book and I am already mentally
wandering through my stash to work out which fabrics I can use to make my own version.

This book is divided into four sections, based on inspiration sources: your current stash, using traditional techniques in new ways, the world around you and breaking the rules. Each section has quilts that use traditional blocks in new ways, as well as patterns that are fresh and new, but throughout the book Dana encourages you to play around and find your own inspiration in every day life. Her bright, encouraging take on life and sewing are infectious and I’m sure that anyone reading this book will catch this enthusiasm and start to see all sorts of patterns in life that look like quilts waiting to be born.

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

Patterns and colours aside, the best feature of this book is the
simplicity and clarity of the instructions. I could mentally see how
the pieces would fit together without resorting to playing with material scraps
or even turning the book upside-down and frowning at it.
Not everyone does that? Ah well, I know I do when patterns seem
complicated on paper. This book even manages to make sewing Dresden
circles look easy. I’ve never been brave enough to try making one
until now, but I’m absolutely sure that I could after reading Dana’s
instructions. Throughout the book there are little hints and tips that
will help to improve accuracy and go a long way towards explaining the
little things in quilting that make the difference between a
beginner’s quilt and a professional finish.

This book also has a great glossary which makes it a perfect gift
for a new quilter, whilst still being a welcome and inspiring addition
to any established quilter’s library.

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

B1253 Imagine Quilts 3rd.indd

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