A modern quilting bee, Block Party


Written by Alissa Haight Carlton (a founding member of The Modern Quilt Guild) and Kristen Lejnieks and published by Stash books.  The book contains 12 project chapters for a year long bee.  January starts with a wonky log cabin, well explained and with lots of tips on holding a bee.  I havent ever been in a bee and after reading this book would love to.  Presenting a chalenge and also making me sit down with a dead line to work to.  Februrary is a wonky quarted log cabin, March a wonky 9 patch block – wonky is the way! April wonky triangles, May string x, June wonky roman stripe, July a modern dresden plate, August polka dot.  September uneven coins






and December is a confetti block.  There is lots of information on quilt backs and quilting, by hand, machine or just hand tying.  This is a great book for anyone wanting to hold a bee, make a quilt with friends or even to make a quilt alone.  But why quilt alone if you can quilt with friends?





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  1. Patti avatar

    What a totally GREAT idea. I’m going to look on Amazon and see if they have this book and if they do I’m going to buy it and maybe there will be more people who would like to be in a bee with me.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

    1. Lynnette P avatar
      Lynnette P

      Hi Patti, I bought this book last year and have been inspired to join a bee so if you are interested in forming one, let’s discuss!

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