Pin Ring – a tutorial


Last months challenge was to make a pin cushion to swap at the January meet up.  I dithered as normal and wanted to make up something different, a small addition to the patch square pincushion I had made.  I decided a ring was my favourite – here’s how I made mine.

What you will require :

pin_ring_1matching thread and some toy filling.

1.  Cut 1 4inch square of fabric (here I have used an off cut of British tweed from Fabrics Galore).

IMG_91532.  Fold the square in half and pin.

IMG_91613.  Stitch using a 1/4 inch seam allowance around the 2 open edges.

pin_ring_24.  Make a 1 inch slit on the folded edge.   I also sniped off the pointed seam allowance, as below.  Turn through and be careful when pushing through the points.

IMG_91625.  Yours should look a little like mine below, if made in quilting cotton the points are a lot sharper.

IMG_91656.  Start to fill your triangle, I placed lots of stuffing in the central part – do not fill the edges as these are going to form the ring part of your Pin Ring.

IMG_91667.  Whip stitch closed the opening.

IMG_91679.  To form the ring, fold the two ‘wings’ around your finger.  I then placed a long pin through to secure the wrapped ‘wings’.

IMG_917610.  Stitch in place with a matching thread and you will have a fab new piece of sewing kit or jewellery!

IMG_9179I did play with shapes and also made a rounded version, in the tweed it worked brilliantly.  Have fun and do show me your pin rings if you make one.  They are addictive, here’s a hand full in shades of Kona Solids.






8 responses to “Pin Ring – a tutorial”

  1. Amy in UK avatar
    Amy in UK

    Totally fabulous – great tutorial!!!

    1. ruth avatar
  2. Patricia avatar

    So cool!!! Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. What a fun make.

  3. Shevvy avatar

    They look so good for something so simple.

  4. Gertie Pye avatar

    Hee hee! What a clever little pincushion! They look v handy x

  5. Charlotte avatar


  6. stitchinscience avatar

    These are such fun, thanks fo rposting.

  7. Morag Scordilis avatar
    Morag Scordilis

    Brilliant and easy to follow tut. I added a small piece of firm template plastic to the bottom of mine before sewing closed. That way the pins can’t pierce through and hit your flesh.

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