Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli

This year Jennifer Paganelli second book was published, called Happy Home.  It is a beautiful compendium of crafts, all made in her wonderful bright fabrics – a real feast for the eye.  A few quilts and smaller projects, like the lovely hexy cushion.

The book is made up of 4 main chapters called Decorate, Accessorise, Party and Dream.  The first chapter has delicious ruffle & applique cushions and curtains.

Accessorise include a lovely hat, the party makes just made me want to throw a party, to give my self the excuse to make up pom-poms, fun napkins and a vintage banner!

The Dream chapter is full of lovely bedroom makes, quilt, duvet cover and dreamy canopy amongst them.  If you love making bags there is a great shopper, dog bed and laundry bags.

The Dream section I think is my favourite with lovely ideas for any bedroom.  I have’t added any trim to a quilt, but love the turquoise tassels and pink pom poms below.

All beautifully photographed and written, a real visual feast and inspiration to decorate any home.  The patterns are held in a pouch in the front and are full size, which is always a bonus.  So ready for when inspiration to sew strikes!





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  1. Jennifer Paganelli (@SisBoom) avatar

    Thanks so very very much..You made my day!!!! I am so appreciative of your kind words..xoxoxo

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