Fat Quarterly – Review

Fat Quarterly Review

By  Patricia Lessell

 Fat Quarterly was started by 6 members of the online Modern Quilting /Sewing community from Britain and America to share project ideas and inspiration with other members of the Modern Quilting/Sewing community from all over the world.

The first issue was published in April 2010, named ‘Fresh Start’ written by the founding members Aneela Hoey, Brioni Greenberg, Kate Dixon, Katy Jones, Tacha Bruecher and John Q. Adams.  The E-Zine was an instant hit both here in England as well as in the U.S.  However, due to work and home commitments Aneela is no longer a permanent fixture but pops in every now and again and Lynn Goldsworthy has filled the empty space very aptly, I might add, as anyone who reads her blog can attest to as she is a brilliant quilter as well as her blog has amazing tutorials.

The Fat Quarterly team, of which there are now 5 members, Katy ,Tacha, Brioni, John & Lynn, met via various online quilting bees and swaps and shared a common admiration for one another’s’ style and aesthetic talents.

In the very first issue each of the 6 founder members had to do a challenge and the challenge had to include flying geese in a block and this is Brioni Greenbergs’ take on it

and this is John Q. Adams take on it.  If you want to see the others I’m afraid you will have to buy the E-Zine.

Fat Quarterly E-Zine is exactly 2 years old now and to say I have loved every single issue is putting it mildly.  Each one has had something totally different and inspirational to get my creative juices flowing.  There have been a further 7 quarterly issues since April 2010 as well as two specials.

In addition to sharing their designs and ideas each issue includes lots of well-known guests who have gotten my mojo to work overtime with their picture-perfect inspirational ideas which are a thrill and delight to read and digest.   The instructions for every single piece one can make in each edition is explicit and most can be stitched by even the newest sewist/quilter and if it can’t be the magazine quite clearly states this.

Each and every issue can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF file for any kind of computer, be it a PC or a Mac and can also be downloaded onto an iPad and is published four times yearly hence the name Fat Quarterly because each issue is very fat and is published once each season.

In the first year we had ‘Fresh Starts’, Scraps, Fussy Cutting and Solids all selling for a very reasonable $8.00 each or just $28.00 if you buy all four at once.  I really don’t know which one is my favourite to be honest.  Because I loved them all.  We also had Holiday Special 2010 which sold for only $5.00.  All of the e-zines are still for sale and can be purchased singly or buy four at a time HERE.

From Lynn Goldsworthy for Issue 8

Then the second year we were further delighted with issues names Pre-Cuts, Substrates, Colour and the 8th issue was named Paper which I personally was really looking forward to as I love paper piecing and I certainly was not disappointed.

Now I am eagerly awaiting Number 9 which should be out soon.  But in the meantime if you go the Fat Quarterly WEBSITE you will see that not only can you buy their incredible magazines but they are hosting a Community Retreat in London on the first weekend June.  I wish I could go but …..





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