MAY MEETING ~haberdashery swap!

Hello everyone! 

As mentioned at the April meeting, we are having a “HABERDASHERY” swap at the May meeting!  In case you aren’t sure what that means (or perhaps you think you don’t have any ‘haberdashery’ to swap), here are a few ideas of things that you could include in your baggie:

~buttons (we all love buttons); embroidery floss; quilting thread; needles and pins; brooch/jewellery findings; lace; ribbon; trim; sequins; patches; binding strips; bias tape; beads; boning; elastic; cord; fasteners; feathers; fabric glue; components like teddy bear eyes etc.; hemming tape; labels; velcro; zippers; clasps; magnets; aida cloth; hoops; crochet/knitting needles; thimble; seam ripper; tape measure; keychains; clips; bobbin holder; sewing kit; scissors; string; fabric dye; templates; laces; interfacing~

Get the idea?  Anything used in sewing or used to help with sewing would be great!  There are some talented people in our group so what you may think are standard sewing supplies or tools, others may not have seen or used them before!!  This is a fun way to beef up your collection of useful haberdashery and sewing kit bits+pieces and a chance to pass on your duplicates (if you have such a thing!?).  In the interest of fairness, some bags may be opened and shared out to lesser bags – we want everyone to go home happy and with some good stuff!  

And don’t forget to bring your ‘Modern Mini Quilt’ (with hanging triangles in the corners) to the meeting as well.  Questions about the haberdashery swap or the mini quilt?  Please email me at

See you in May!







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