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Modern Minimal by Alissa Haight Carlton reviewed by Ruth.

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As Alissa is a member of the Modern Quilt Guild I thought for a first review her new book Modern Minimal would be perfect! Her ʻoverall approach and philosophy to quilting is that it can be done in a relaxed and fun way. She doesnʼt agree with the idea that you have to be a perfectionist to be a great quilter. Although you need to pay close attention to craftsmanship, so that the quilt stays in good shape over the years, you donʼt need to be finicky and fussyʼ.  Isnʼt that wonderful!

C & T Publishing

This is a real visual feast for anyone who loves bold colours and a fabulous newer modern approach to quilting.  There are no small blocks or requirements to buy 20 fat quarters, just plain bold minimal shapes and therefore less fabric wastage.
In addition two ways of machine quilting the quilts giving interesting results – all beautifully explained. The quilts are constructed in larger pieces, not built up in a grid like way, often using the full width of the fabrics. The quilts vary in size from baby quilts and lap quilts to a 90 x 95 inch giant.  Some requiring just two fabrics, the fabulous quilt on the front page uses just four.

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The tips are highlighted and the construction and cutting is visual – which really helps when cutting out.  I did try out a pattern just to see how easy the book would be to follow and the layout and numbering of all the shapes really does make this a very easy to use book, brilliant for everyone!   The quilting options for me where just amazing as I only hand quilt or send my quilt tops to be long arm quilted, just because I’m terrified of ruining what has taken so long to make.  However, the clear diagrams and well-explained instruction really do help to give confidence.  With such an array of Kona solids (RobertKaufman), Cotton Couture solids (Michael Miller) and Bella Solids (Modafabrics) , amongst others, there is every reason to buy this wonderful new book.

C & T Publishing

At the back of the book there is information on basting, long arm quilting, straight line, free motion quilting, hand quilting and finishing touches all explained beautifully.   You will need a rotary cutter, cutting mat and quilter’s ruler to make the projects possible.  Moreover, if you don’t won’t a totally solid quilt, just add in a little of a favourite pattern, Alissa does.

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To give the book a full workout I made this baby quilt, the instructions are very visual and as long as one numbers each cut piece it is simple.  I love the Kona solids that I bought here, fabulous depth of colour.  The quilting was explained and I think I just need practise on my machine, maybe I’ll hand quilt the next one and keep practising until I can get my machine quilting better.  But one brilliant book!

Modern Minimal by Alissa Haight Carlton Published by Stash Books                     (published date 28th April 2012)

All the book photographs are from C & T Publishing.

Thanks to Ruth from Two Hippos for reviewing this book.





3 responses to “Modern Minimal – Book Review”

  1. Patricia Lessell avatar

    Thank you so much this is a brilliant book review and I so want to get this book when it comes out.
    Patti xxx

  2. Helen I avatar
    Helen I

    Ruth, I think your quilting is excellent! Great book review as well 🙂 (oh, and great plug for Annie, who I accidentally secret stoppered this week and have to say, got excellent service from!)

  3. sportsew avatar

    I agree – the book in wonderful! The quilt designs are ingenious, yet doable. And I love the design options and quilting inspiration that accompanies each project. If you don’t yet have one, get a copy!!

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